Live The Life You Deserve: A Guide to Bodysuits

When you're in your twenties, it's a very rare feeling to feel like you've got it all together. I don't care how many inspirational quotes you Facebook, cups of coffee over the sunrise you Instagram, or the amount of times you have checked in at the gym. NONE OF US HAVE IT TOGETHER. We are essentially giant toddlers with formal educations and bank accounts. Being in your twenties is damn hard, and we're all just trying to do the best we can to form a life, little by little.

Recently, I've found one small, but substantial, way to at least make it SEEM like I've got it together- bodysuits

One of the very first tips my boss and living legend, Linda, told me was that she wore a bodysuit every single day. It was possibly even her secret to success (not really, but it seemed pretttyy important). I was immediately intrigued, and started upon my research. 

For my inaugural suit, I ordered a basic black long-sleeve from Asos. It was love at first snap (don't forget, these are basically onesies for adults. I TOLD YOU. TODDLERS.). Not only was it extremely comfortable, but it quickly became essential to every outfit I wore.

This is the easiest, yet chicest way to upgrade your wardrobe. 


The world of bodysuits is big, so it can be intimidating at first. Start with a few essentials. I've found Asos offers the best quality for a good price:

1) The Long-Sleeve

This is the exact one I own. Bodysuits are a simple way to look more polished. Just tucking in a tee can often look sloppy and disholved. Bodysuits stay put all day and never lose shape. $31


V-necks are a great option to wear alone with jeans, and the thong is a bonus for wearing with leggings (V.P.L. IS AN EPIDEMIC. LOOK IT UP). $31


2) The Tank

An essential. Perfect for warmer months or under a sweater. $31 for a 2 pack. 


Bonus points for a muscle-tee suit. Extra bonus points if you have actual muscles. Über cool with some joggers. $21

This might be my favorite one in my closet. The mock neck is ideal for under a duster-cardigan or a long coat for an effortless yet put together look. $24


3) The Unexpected

This one under a sweater? A great pick-me-up. Under an oversized-flannel and high-waisted jeans? Perfection. $35


 With a pair of creme culottes, just walk backwards into the room with this one. $52


Recall how Beyonce looked in the "Single Ladies" video. Now imagine feeling that way EVERY DAY. When you're really feeling like you don't know what you're doing with your life, slip on a bodysuit, and remember that we are all in the same boat- and now the same suit too.