Inside the Box

Quick confession: I am a bag lady. I walk into work every day with at LEAST 3 bags on my arm. Each morning I tip to one side, succumbing to the weight on my right arm, forcing me into an unintentional pimp walk.

Although the overall tone in my upper arms has vastly improved, I'm exhausted of divvying up my life into tote bags, cross-bodies, and whatever else I can fit my life into. Enter the Box Bag. 

Vogue made it official in the August 2015 issue, and I've finally committed to my new, smaller yet more efficient partner. And yes, I know that's what she said. You can go back to 2008 now. 

I found my new go-to at The Peacock Room in Detroit. Vintage from the 1950s, I fell in love with its upholstered style in a fall/winter palette. The ease of carrying this shape and size had me throwing my carry-on sized tote in storage faster than Galliano was dismissed from Dior. 

In an attempt to simplify my life, I've simplified my bag down to the necessities : wallet, chapstick, mirror, and a KIND bar (I am never not down for a snack). I of course still take a tote as well to my job for my papers, agenda, lunch, etc. Girl's gotta work! 

The argument for the box bag is simple: most of us don't need all the junk that's in our bags. Find your must-haves for on-the-go, and throw them inside the box. You and I both know we don't need those 2-day-old water bottles and ten shades of Nars Velvet Lip Pencils. 

Take a peek at a few gorgeous options below, and feel the weight lift from your shoulders- literally. Have you ever lifted a woman's purse? We could put CrossFit out of business with our bags (Did I just create my Shark Tank idea?).

Marc Jacobs Leopard Box Crossbody- Nordstrom

Asos Structured Box Shoulder Bag- Asos

Vintage (like mine!) Black Velvet Box Bag- Etsy



Photography by Lauren Montgomery