The Beginning

Welcome to my new space- The Nines! First of all, how GORGEOUS is the design? Every single aspect, from the fonts, to the sketching, was done by my amazingly talented friend Leah Cranston. I went to her after wanting to take blogging more seriously. After a few phone calls, she made my vision come to life, and I couldn't be more in awe or be more thankful for her hard work. I can only hope I fill it with content as beautiful and honest as her talent.

"The Nines" title actually was inspired by my mom (Seriously, I can't take any credit for this blog right now), who was always saying "you're dressed to the nines!!". She made sure I was always dressed impeccably for every occasion. I became so addicted to the art of dressing, that even a trip to the local Coney was an event for me (Chili cheese fries do deserve our utmost respect). The art of dressing quickly became a sport for me. 

The big idea behind this blog is not just to dress to the nines, but to live our entire lives that way. I want to enjoy this space- and for you guys to enjoy it too! It was not created to make others feel inadequate because they (I) wore the same pants all week and didn't have avocado toast in their perfectly white bed (#notgoals). It's not about perfection- it's about adding little joys every day to make your pile of good things grow. 

SO, to you, and myself, I promise:

-To be as honest as possible. There is nothing worse than an overly photo-shopped blogger. How are we supposed to know what the clothes really look like if your thigh is suddenly the size and texture of an Oscar Meyer?

- To offer you more than photos of cute cappuccinos in moody-looking coffee houses. Yes, from time to time I might post a bomb matcha-latte with my sunglasses conveniently in the shot on my Insta. But I know I have much more to say and I plan on saying A LOT on here. Plus I don't drink coffee so that makes this promise fairly easy. 

- To give this site my all. I love to write, and I love fashion even more. This blog has been a year in the making- at my own hand.  I've been nervous to get this site started up, because of the commitment I knew I was taking on, and the fear of not being true to myself. There's been a lot of talk in the news about how fake and unrealistic blogs/social media can be. I don't want to revolve my life around taking the perfect "candid" photo, or planning my Saturday around getting a shot of pretty french toast. I just want to write, express my style and have fun. So without further ado..

Welcome to The Nines!