Hats Off

I desperately want to be one of those girls, running errands in her cute baseball cap, with that "I woke up like this" air (p.s.- no one who "wakes up like this, wakes up like that). However, I entered this earth 4lbs, 6oz, and about 3 of those pounds were my eyeballs. They're HUGE. And for that reason, I have just never looked good in hats- something about the proportions. 

This past year, however, I was determined. I think I even showed up to my boyfriend's in a Tigers hat to go to lunch and he legitimately asked me what I was doing. But I wouldn't give up. Thank God for an annoying habit of perseverance, because I finally found THE ONE. 

After finding this one from Halogen at Nordstrom, I've discovered that while I can't rock sporty-chic, I can Naomi Campbell all over this town in larger styles, which seem to be more flattering to my features. Take that, girl in my Pilates class.

I met Lauren in Detroit to shoot, and she took me to the ultimate hidden treasure- Eldorado General Store. The coolest vintage finds ensued. 

Thinking about the cake we just ate at Astro Coffee. 


The key to hats is finding the one that works best with your features. No two cabezas are the same, so don't be afraid to try different styles!

Madewell & Biltmore Straight-Brim Felt Fedora in Ivory- Madewell

Brixton "Messer" FedoraNordstrom 

Rag & Bone Fedora- Far Fetch

Madewell & Biltmore Straight-Brim Felt Fedora in Grey - Madewell


Like men, apartments, jobs and pizza places, you'll know when you've found the right one.